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Goodies Galore in Goodells!

Friday & Saturday March 31-April 1st, Goodells MI

A bit of everything from mid century furniture, lighting, and fun decorating items 

I will keep posting more things once we start unpacking! 

#Vintage MCM Console Stereo

#Vintage MCM Club chair and ottoman in a denim blue/grey

#Vintage Mod/Retro Kitchen table and four chairs/ 

#Acorn Electric stair chair lifts(total of four units) 

#Vintage 1950's -60's Walton Vibrator. I believe that most gyms had these! kind of retro cool! 

#Vintage Retro steel lockers 

#Antique ironrite Mangle! (these work awesome for tablecloths) 

#Vintage stove 

#Vintage retro Chrome and golden yellow metal cart/kitchen

#little coolers

#Maytag washer 

#Vintage Porcelain top Cabinet 

#Maple Desk


 See you there :) Click the link below for all photos and info.

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